2022 每 A Year to Celebrate

2022 – A Year to Celebrate

It is with great excitement that I step into the role of Acting Principal of St Leonard*s College.

The arrival of 2022 heralds much joy and pride for St Leonard*s as we celebrate a number of significant milestones and achievements. Whilst we have been providing outstanding education for over 100 years since our establishment in 1914, this year marks 50 years of coeducation at St Leonard*s College, 50 years of outdoor education, 40 years as an IB World School and 10 years of the Hart Theatre Company. What a year!

50 Years of Coeducation
St Leonard*s College was originally a Presbyterian Girls College and we opened enrolments to boys in 1972. Over the last five decades we have witnessed our students thrive as they learn alongside one another in a true coeducational environment, aptly preparing them to succeed in the world in an optimal manner 每 one that is a genuine reflection of life beyond the College gates. Our programs have been expertly designed to foster respectful relationships which are fundamental to a positive future. Our alumni often share their gratitude for the friendships they have formed through their coeducation; friendships that remain with them for life.

50 Years of Outdoor Education
Our longstanding success in outdoor educational programs demonstrates our commitment to educating the whole child, providing them with abundant opportunities for personal development and growth. From mountain biking, canoeing, orienteering, snow sports or sailing, our students* exploration of the outdoors over the last 50 years has bestowed generations of Leonardians with critical life skills such as teamwork and leadership, in addition to building an in depth understanding of environmental sustainability in more recent decades. Camp Ibis, our picturesque permanent campsite on the Banksia Peninsula which enjoys scenic water frontage, has provided the perfect setting for our students to create lifelong friendships and memories, whilst building character, resilience and self-esteem.

40 Years as an IB World School
St Leonard*s College was visionary in its early adoption of the International Baccalaureate back in 1982 when we became Victoria*s first authorised International Baccalaureate World School, and the first authorised Australian Independent School. We are now a member of the network of approximately 4,000 schools worldwide who offer the internationally renowned curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and deep intercultural understanding. Our IB programmes nurture the personal, emotional, social, and intellectual skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly globally connected world. Our recent Class of 2021 IBDP academic results, with a median IBDP ATAR of 97.90, are a testament to our incredible success as an IB World School.

10 Years of the Hart Theatre Company
The much-loved Hart Theatre Company takes to the stage for its tenth season this year. I have no doubt that our 2022 productions will once again inspire, excite and delight as our students come together to celebrate the magic and joy of live theatre. Throughout the last decade our Hart Theatre productions have been widely acclaimed, boasting many Musical Theatre Guild awards ranging from Costume Design, Choreography, Direction, Musical Direction, Performer Awards and Junior Production of the Year to name a few. The 2022 celebratory season is set to be a showstopper! I look forward to seeing all of our young stars shining brightly.

As we commence this new year, we have much to be proud of as a College and as a community as we recognise these important milestones. Later in the year, we look forward to the arrival of our new Principal, Mr Peter Clague and we will celebrate his commencement as our tenth Principal.

I am enthusiastic about the exciting year ahead, and I look forward to seeing our students and staff continue to flourish.


Pat Kenny
Acting Principal