Hamish Blake, Old Collegian, Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia

St Leonard’s College is delighted to congratulate our Old Collegian, Hamish Blake, on receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the arts as an entertainer, and to the community.

Hamish’s outstanding contributions to the arts and his unwavering dedication to the community have earned him this prestigious recognition. From his prolific career in entertainment as a writer, comedian, actor, and presenter to his impactful roles in numerous charitable initiatives, Hamish continues to inspire us all.

Community Involvement

Hamish has been actively involved as an ambassador and participant in several charity events and organisations, making a significant impact in supporting various causes.

Hamish exemplifies the quintessential Leonardian spirit, embodying the principles of generosity and service. He recognises the profound importance of giving back to the community and leveraging his talents and gifts for the greater good. His commitment to using his skills to make a positive impact is a testament to the values we cherish and strive to instil in all our students.

Entertainment Highlights

Hamish’s impressive body of work spans television, radio, and podcasts, including popular shows and series that have captivated audiences far and wide.

Awards and Recognition

Hamish has received a remarkable array of awards and accolades, highlighting his excellence and popularity in the entertainment industry.

Hamish reflects on his St Leonard’s College education;

“Whilst obviously nothing can top the school maths prize I won in 1999, the nod from the King was certainly touching. You may indeed allow the school to take some credit for the path I have been lucky enough to take in my life. It was the school’s belief in me at a pretty vulnerable time and age, the mix of great teachers and a peer group which was a bit like winning the lottery, that allowed me to find both my feet and my voice. Two pretty important things in a young guy’s life, and hard to grow up without them. It took a long time for me, I was lucky to be at a school that cared as much as St Leonard’s.“

Hamish’s journey is a testament to his talent, passion, and generosity. Join us in celebrating his incredible achievements!