Supporting an Education for Life

Now in its seventh year, the Annual Golf Challenge unites our community of past and present students, parents and friends for an entertaining day of golf while supporting the Foundation’s Global Citizen Scholarship Fund.

The 2023 Golf Challenge took place on Friday 17 November at Spring Valley Golf Club and proudly raised $58,361.

If you would like to support the Global Citizen (Refugee) Scholarship Program, please .

The 2024 Golf Challenge will be held on Friday 15 November.

We invite you to join St Leonard’s in our commitment to continuing to extend opportunities to students who have recently immigrated to Melbourne with their families.

Students in year 7 and above with sound academic ability and the desire to contribute to the St Leonard’s College are considered for the Global Citizen Scholarship.

The College has a close relationship with the Noble Park English Language Centre but welcomes applications from all eligible families. We now have five students completing their secondary studies supported by this scholarship. These Global Citizen Scholarships provide valuable opportunities to those students and families who would otherwise not be in a position to attend the college.

We would like to thank our previous sponsors for their generous support. We value their ongoing commitment and community spirit.

Our St Leonard’s Scholars are immensely grateful for your support.

The Power of Giving: How Community Support Changed One Scholar's Story

Azada left Afghanistan for Australia when she was 16 years old. She loved her homeland, but the lack of security and ongoing conflict drove her family to flee for a safer life. Azada is now thriving in her university studies and shares the below with our College community.

Dear St Leonard’s College Community,

In 2023, I’m studying at the University of Melbourne, undertaking my second year of a Bachelor of Arts. I’m really looking forward to subjects in areas such as?politics and international relations. My degree gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day about topics I’m passionate about and helps me improve my critical thinking?skills.?I feel so lucky!

My Global Citizen Scholarship has changed my life for?the better. It has given me the opportunity to experience a high-quality education and to meet amazing people.?I want to use my personal experiences and my degree to make a positive impact in the?future. I hope we as a young generation can make a difference in the?world, helping more girls get an education, particularly the millions of girls in Afghanistan who have been banned from attending school.

I am thankful and grateful for such a great opportunity and wish the best to the current and future students of St Leonard’s College.

Azada Hussaini (OC 2021)

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

IBISWorld is proud to sponsor the St Leonard’s Annual Golf Challenge. It’s an event that shines a light on a worthy cause and brings the wider school community together.”.

Kerryn Ruthven, Director, IBISWorld

2023 Golf Challenge Platinum Sponsor

St Leonard’s recognises and appreciates the generosity of our sponsors and we are committed to providing genuine value. Our supporters generously make a promise to help raise funds for a deserving child and in return we promise to deliver the optimal sponsorship benefits.

Sponsorship Benefits

Connect with the community

Customers are becoming increasingly discerning about which companies they chose to support. The St Leonard’s Annual Golf Challenge is an ideal way to communicate your business values by supporting an event that is in alignment with these principles.

Engage your staff

Responsible companies recognise how vital it is to engage staff when giving back to the community. The Annual Golf Challenge provides a great opportunity to have your staff directly involved with the event by attending as participants.

Build brand awareness

Through your sponsorship, which involves having your logo featured throughout the pre and post event communications, your brand will be front and centre, reinforcing your commitment to the community and contributing to becoming a brand of choice.